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We have been involved in different R&D projects since 2002. We started with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) design and production, respectively. In this project, we gained experience in electronic and logical algorithms. Since the energy problems in the Southeast, our region, are very intense, we developed solutions to these problems and produced battery energy storage systems and energy regulating voltage regulators that will meet the 8-hour power outage . Since it is the most intense irrigation systems in Turkey in the Southeast region, we have installed approximately 2,000 medium voltage systems with a power of 160 Kw and above.

After 2010, we started R&D studies on energy production from agricultural wastes, as we are in agriculture and irrigation, the main driving force of the region. Following the positive results of R&D studies, in partnership of Mimsan group company;

Stage 1: Efficient Collection of Agricultural Waste

Stage 2: Conversion of Agricultural Wastes to Energy in a Thermal Power Plant

We started his project. In 2012, we started the installation of a BIOMASS POWER PLANT in 3 separate locations, 28 MW in total, with a large investment company. In this context, we started the agricultural waste collection process for the first time in Turkey on an area of 85,000 decares. We have inspired many companies in the fields of renewable energy facilities and recycling in our country .

In 2015, we started R&D studies on energy crops, and as a result of the research, we brought the highest yielding seeds called C4 energy plant and started sowing and collecting activities. A new R&D process has begun on the high-tech drying system due to the fact that it contains 50% moisture content in the measurements as a result of R&D, and traditional drying methods are costly and reduce efficiency in terms of time. This work took about 3 years. The conclusion we have reached; It has become an efficient system by using 5 times less energy in about the same time . It can be integrated into many areas with small arrangements that make it possible to apply the drying technology made to all products with the same features .

Since our general issues are always environmental and global problems, we have touched another environmental project. Every year, an average of 1 million tons of animal blood accumulated after slaughter is thrown into the sewers, although it is prohibited. Since this drying technology is a solution and provides added value to the country, we started applications in this area by rolling up our sleeves. The first facility was in Gaziantep, and 2 facilities , including Adıyaman, were put into operation, and we started work in Ankara, İzmir and Kayseri provinces consecutively.

In parallel with these projects, we have strengthened our experience in the fields of automation and software by incorporating the On ine soft Information and Communication Technologies team, operating in the IT sector , in 2018 .

We focused on the issue of modular integration of drying technology in every area of need, and the disposal of municipal sewage waste of our country, which is virgin in the field of recycling . This product, which is a big problem for municipalities, has provided raw materials with high efficiency and profitability worldwide with our technology. This study resulted in finding an alternative source for the Biomass power plants we plan to establish in the future.

The pandemic that started all over the world in 2020, unfortunately, was accompanied by the fact that people were dying due to the inadequacy of the intensive care intubated devices in hospitals , which caused us to do R&D in this area. As a result of this study, Turkey's second intensive care intubated device KIRMIZI BAYRAK TEKNOLOJİ A.S. We have become companies that carry out the innovative and high technology supported business lines of Turkey with the highest added value.

Global warming, which has become the main problem of all countries in the world in 2020, our project, which we have built on for years, has been a solution to this problem, that is, we continued to look for innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and prevent global warming . Using today's technology blockchain, we have designed the rewarding mechanism for power plants producing with renewable energy sources.

In this mechanism, we plan to reduce carbon emissions by rewarding these power plants through TOKEN assets, which is a sub-step of blockchain technology, making them more value-added compared to facilities producing energy from fossil fuels, and establishing new power plants with organizational revenues. Since this project, by its nature, concerns every individual living in the world, we will solve this problem together by taking the support of all of them with the right methods of action.