Bayburt Yatırımı
Bayburt Yattırımı

Bayburt investments

We decided to locate our gasification reactor and charging unit production facility in Bayburt province with the strategy of high government incentives and low regional investment costs. The facility is located on 45,452 m² of land in Bayburt OSB. The facility is designed in accordance with international standards and qualifies as an A+ Manufacturing Production and R&D Center. The purpose of this center is to provide a suitable environment for the development of innovative ideas and the improvement of production processes.
The facility's interior and exterior lighting needs are met thanks to 6,000 m² of solar panels installed on the roof. In addition, the biogas plant located in the basement has an electricity generation system capable of meeting 100% of the electricity needs used in production. Water needs are also met from recyclable sources. Thanks to all these features, our R&D Center was designed as a center that adopts an environmentally friendly approach as well as technological innovations.
In our facility, we focus on the development of production and energy systems that reduce the electricity required by electric vehicles to carbon zero level, and the machinery, equipment and technologies required by these systems. The machinery and equipment we will produce include
- Gasification Reactors
- Filtering Cyclones
- Heat Exchangers
- Gas Coolers
- Silos
- Blower
- Rotary Air Locks
- Rotary Drying Tunnels
- Pneumatic Pipe Systems
- Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
- Power Management Systems
- Power Electronics Systems
- Automation Panels
- Transformers
- Electronic Board PCB Hardware and Software

Electric Vehicle Charging Head

Electric vehicle charging stations are the infrastructure that meets the energy needs of electric vehicles. These stations are used to charge the batteries of vehicles and manage their energy consumption. The proliferation of electric charging stations along with electric vehicles forms the basis of environmentally friendly transportation. Electric vehicles produce no direct exhaust emissions and do not require the consumption of fossil fuels. This helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Electric charging stations contribute to reducing environmental impacts by improving energy efficiency and creating a sustainable transportation system. However, more stations need to be installed and fast charging technologies need to be developed.

We are working to make Cyce car charging stations operational all over Turkey and even the world. CYCE charging stations, which have a more environmentally friendly system, take making our world a better place as their main mission.


Rotary Drying Oven

Unlike other drying tunnels, our model stands out with its ability to dry materials at low temperatures. The agitator blade structure inside the drum is designed to maximize the surface area. This accelerates the drying process by increasing the contact between the material and the heat transfer surface. At the same time, unlike other tunnels, the 3-stage drum ensures homogeneous drying of the material. The heat pump technology used in the system also increases energy efficiency by 4-5 times. low temperature drying contributes to reduced energy consumption, thus offering the potential to reduce costs.

Gasification Reactor

Syngas reactor is a reactor used to produce fuel gas called "synthesis gas" or "syngas". In this system we developed as Cyce, instead of converting garbage and inert materials into syngas, we provide energy conversion by gasification reaction process of pellet fuels produced from energy plants. In this way, we obtain a clean and low carbon emission fuel with an innovative system with high added value.